September 21, 2023
People are recreating the 'Barbie' foot scene on TikTok.  Here's why you should be careful.
Online people recreate the foot scene from

On-line folks recreate the humorous foot scene from Barbie movie. However the consultants aren’t laughing. (Illustration by Victoria Ellis for Yahoo, Photograph: Getty Photos)

With regards to creating new tendencies, from cosmetics to psychological well being consciousness, the Barbie Film is the present that retains on giving.

However the current fallout has raised some crimson flags with foot and ankle consultants.

the “Barbie foot challengethat customers are attempting to mimic Barbie The long-lasting arch of the foot — simply as Margot Robbie did within the film — has gone viral on TikTok, garnering greater than 1 million views.

However a podiatrist says making an attempt to face on such excessive toes can have severe penalties. This is what you’ll want to know concerning the foot-focused problem.

development and the way it began

Barbie is understood for a lot of issues, together with her nearly solely pink coloration palette, her endless resume that spans from astronaut to ballerina—and people famously arched, never-flat ft.

Toes had been entrance and heart when Robbie’s Barbie stepped out in her furry pink heels, sustaining a tip-toe place with out her heel touching the bottom (till a closing malfunction, that’s). And now, the enduring scene has immediately taken on a lifetime of its personal on TikTok, as customers share their makes an attempt to imitate the comically unrealistic arc.

However consultants say sure tendencies are greatest left to the professionals.


  • In lots of of those movies, customers begin out with a pair of heels after which step out with out placing their heels down, balancing excessive on their tiptoes.

  • These movies boomed in reputation after the film was launched, however so did Robbie’s arc discourse point since teaser trailer He was launched in April.

  • Ruby did not Use a double foot for the scene.

  • It took Margot Robbie Eight takes to get the famous shot (And I caught to one thing exterior the body for stability).

  • This development has gained traction with some celebrities, Chrissy Teigen has been concerned in Humorously goofy video Recreate the viral ruby ​​scene.

Consultants weigh

Whereas extremely arched ft are the norm in Barbieland, human ft don’t often have as excessive an arch and a podiatrist doctor. Alireza Khosrowabadi He says that making an attempt to recreate this place by strolling or standing on tiptoes for lengthy durations of time could cause pointless stress and harm to the foot and ankle.

“You place all of your weight on the ball of your foot, which most of us do not do except you are sporting excessive heels,” Khosrowabadi says. However in contrast to the heel, this orientation leaves the foot largely unsupported.

“With heels, most of your weight goes into the platform (of the shoe), so you will have some sort of help. If you do not have a heel, despite the fact that you are holding your foot in that place,” says the California foot and ankle surgeon:

This isn’t a sustainable or regular place, particularly when strolling.

“With every step, that weight is transferred to the ball of the foot, and it is simply not designed to hold that sort of weight,” he says.

This could additionally have an effect on your potential to stability and improve your danger of an ankle sprain and different foot-related issues.

Persistently strolling on tiptoes can put extreme stress on the ball of the foot, resulting in Metatarsal painThe physician says, explaining that the situation, which is characterised by “ache and irritation” within the foot, could make strolling troublesome.

This development can be harmful for youthful individuals, as extended strolling on tiptoe can “interrupt the conventional improvement of foot and leg muscle mass, which can have implications for gross motor abilities and bodily efficiency,” says Khosrowabadi, including that It is vital to keep in mind that parentheses are decided by genes, and no quantity of pauses can change that.

“You’ll be able to strengthen the muscle mass,” he assures. Nonetheless, you can not change the bow.


Nonetheless, if it is solely performed for a short while, capturing a fast video recreating Barbie’s arch will not do any harm to the foot.

“I do not see a lot hurt as a result of most of us tiptoe to achieve for one thing in some unspecified time in the future in the course of the day. It is probably not that dangerous for those who do it for a fast second,” Khosrowabadi says.

However be warned, he provides, “Even for a fast second, for those who’re not cautious, you’ll be able to roll your ankle and presumably tear a number of the muscle mass on the facet of your ankle.”

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